Mortgage Reports

Tree Related Mortgage Reports Arboriculture consultants, Arborsense, provide tree surveys, inspections for private land owners, local authorities, insurance companies and mortgage lenders.

We undertake tree related mortgage reports as part of the process of getting a mortgage. A mortgage lender may insist on a related mortgage tree report being carried out if a property has trees in the garden or if trees or woodland exist in the surrounding areas.

The mortgage tree report is undertaken by one of our qualified arboricultual specialists and will specify which trees are relevant to the property, comment on the condition of the trees, and advise if they could cause damage to the property in the future.

As a buyer, you should always insist on a report whenever trees are close by. For example, damage could be caused by a tree during a storm if branches make contact with a building. Trees can also cause ground movement underneath the foundations of a building.

Soil conditions are checked to assess the potential for subsidence. We also assess the tree's water uptake capability relative to existing or future buildings.